Saturday, March 15, 2014

One Week in Los Angeles to Meet 80 Top Music Execs

Dear Aida Nikolaychuk,

    Van Dichoso CPA & Consultation Service of Los Angeles offer you the following.
    A special, all day meeting with eighty (80) Vice Presidents, Executives and top Agents in the American & Global Music Business. That includes Record Labels such as Elektra, MCA and  independent Production companies. Van Dichoso's email below lists more. The meetings are exclusively only with Aida's Team and the prospective Show Biz executives. There will be no other singers or musicians there, except Record Companies may provide Studio Musicians to assist you. The Event will be held at the W Hotel*1, since it has the best sound system of a hotel in Los Angeles, so that Aida can perform some songs for the group of 80. 

    Fully understanding that day will provide a variety of opportunities, "A Blur of Light", you may need 2-3 months afterwards or even later with emails and Skype to complete research and make a decision of what companies should be on her team to build American Hit Songs. Remember Joint Ventures can always be created, such as a mix from different companies of a Writer, a Composer, a Producer and a Record Label, a Music Video Director, etc, etc.

    Van Dichoso says, “Aida Nikolaychuk is special.”  Not just that you have extraordinary vocal personality, character and presence, but also as a person, so he and his investment team are doing this uncommon thing to provide you one-to-one meetings with people he knows in the music business. As you can see in his Facebook Photos he knows many Movers, Shakers, Makers and Celebrities in Los Angeles - Hollywood Show Business.

    Van's Staff needs a minimal of 6 weeks to make all the arrangements.

    Due to Jet Lag, the All Day Meeting will occur 4 or 5 days after landing in Los Angeles, California.

Van Dichoso' Investment Group will pay for the hotel and travel. Hotel is one where celebrities stay, so you will have the opportunity to cross paths with other singers, musicians, actors, directors, composers, writers, producers.

Day 1: fly from Odesa to Los Angeles

Days 2, 3, 4 & 5 are whole days in LA are for your adjustment after Jet Lag during which you can be provided visits to places of your interest in Los Angeles and southern California. Include touring the recording studios of prospective companies, the beaches, shopping, dirt bike in the desert if you like,  whatever you need to see how great America is. If you want to visit Las Vegas, maybe it can be arranged for you to fly there, a day there. It is a 4.5 hour drive to Los Angeles. Driver would be provided.

Day 6: The Exclusive 1-to-1 Meetings all day long and song performance by you for them.

Day 7: Day to unwind, think. Maybe call back &/or visit offices of to your favorite choices.

Day 8: Shop, think, pack.

Day 9: Fly Back to Odesa.

If you prefer, you can make the Meeting day on Day 7. Jet Lag from 6,000 mile travel affects 3-5 days. An alternate schedule:

Whole Day #2 in Los Angeles to Sleep off Jet Lag. Flying in is Day #1.

Days 3, 4, 5 & 6: Tour LA production facilities, Hollywood & Southern California, sleep off Jet Lag as often as you want so you'll be at peak for 1-to-1 Show Biz Meetings. A coiffure will be provided. Arrangements can be made to meet with Russians and Ukrainians in Los Angeles, even some in Show Biz. CBS (the large Columbia Broadcasting System) has 11 studio lots in Los Angeles County, each with many sound stages. Every major movie studio has large production lots in the greater Los Angeles Hollywood region. There are several major mid-sized recording studios known by those in Show Biz. Also there are hundreds of independent recording studios.

    Maybe have a famous head shot photographer do a photo session with you?

    Drive through some neighborhoods to see how many people live.

     Van knows a number of celebrities. Maybe have a meal with one or more of them. If Dyan Cannon is back from Theater in the Mid-West I would work on a meeting with her.
Day 7: The Exclusive 1-to-1 Meetings all day long and song performance. I'll be there to record everything with camera and notes for you to have so you can review at a later time. Of course I'll be there for full assistance with all business people so that no hasty or improper decisions are made and maybe we should have two interpreters, a male and a female, since translation into Russian is subjective based on context.

Day 8: Day to unwind & pack (7th whole day in USA).

Day 9: Fly Back to Odesa, leaving early in morning.  The trip could be a total of 9 days, since flying can be approximately 16 hours.

    Van Dichoso’s team will pay for travel, hotel and provide consulting. They are asking for a consultant fee of $5,800 for secretaries to set up the whole day scheduling all the execs, renting conference room, travel, room accommodations and consultation. (I get nothing out of that.) 

     I ask you first if you want to pay that. If not, then the initial offering to an Investor is to be repaid 115% when the Recoup occurs for your project (when expenses are paid & there is profit for all to share from your songs) plus a 1% Royalty of the Gross to the Investor from the Contract that results sometime after the meeting, and if future work beyond first contract is retained with any company or person present in the 1 to 1 one meetings, then the 1% Royalty on gross continues. (Of course you may move to negotiate a different deal with the Investor. I am well experienced in such matters for 5 years on much larger and complex deals and can perform that communication.)  If you have an Investor from your network then it will be considered that you paid the fee and you create your own arrangements with that investor.

    A 115% repayment offer is made to the investor, however many investors are stubborn and may insist for 120%. If so, they may settle for 17%. However the Royalty is another bargaining chip that can convince the investor to accept 115% repayment and you may want a step down royalty for subsequent projects, for example 0.85% for project #2,  0.80% - project #3,  0.75% - project #4, etc with an option to buy them out, so you have 100% control of where you can. Writing such a contract would be part of Dichoso’s Consultancy and my help.

    If you pay the Consultant Fee, then you will have greater control and more revenue in whichever project you sign and future contracts from the contacts of the meeting, so I offer that to you first. I do not mind finding an investor for you. If you want to put up 50%, 40%, 30%, 60% etc. that is fine. I'll find funds for the balance.

    Van said he will have many of all the major record labels, agents and producers present with their top executives to meet with you. He has those kinds of contacts from a long history with his accountant service (CPA - Certified Public Accountant, a serious thing in USA) and community service. He is a member of the Beverly Hills Country Club, Black Card Circle and other associations. You are welcome to contact him.

    Apart from Investor Assistance, a smart artist requests 2.5% of the Project Gross (total income before any & all expense), and maybe they counter the artist to 2%, even 1.8%. (Don't accept 8% of the Net. Expenses can be posted to Zero out the Net. By Law the Gross has to be accurately reported. Tabulating the Net can be complicated and maybe someone adds some subjective values. Van would not do that, but who knows what a Record Label might try.

    Van said, recently the family of a 16 year old singer was happy to pay $9,800 for such a 1-to-1 meeting with many companies in one day. I have done much work to cut this deal down $4,000 as low price as possible for you to $5,800.

    Since there will be approximately 80 people there, they will clearly understand they have strong competition. That results in best deal for you and hopefully with the company you like the most. The Music Business has so many 16-18 year old artists with amazing talent looking to be signed, that the other companies not chosen will not be offended and will simply move on to the next prospect. 

    Another Benefit Van wants to offer you is attendance to the American Music Awards (AMA) in November. That will include attending the exclusive parties attended by A-List people before and after the annual American Music Awards. You'll be able to get Red Carpet Interviews, Photo Session and meet Stars in Music Entertainment, News Reporters, Executives, Directors, Producers, Writers, composers and other investors. So you may want to make your first American Contract short and limited so that you can have publicity before the AMA and when attending AMA your team can afterwards review other offers as your career blossoms as a rose. Or maybe the company you sign with will treat you even better, if so keep them.

    An American-Russian agency in Hollywood has an established business of providing visas et al for people traveling from the Slavic States.  All such details shall be solved.

    This is the brief overview. A more detailed Contract can be made if you so desire as part of Van’s consultancy. Van's Team and I are to receive industry standard compensation percentages to be included in the contracts with the companies signing from these efforts.
    This provides you an initial one week in USA and also a second time in USA for the once a year American Music Awards. Subsequent travel such as to any combination and schedule of recording studios in New York, London, Paris or Odessa would be written in the contract with the Music Companies you eventually choose to work with. Van and I will participate in creating the contracts to maximize your benefit.

Van Dichoso USA office phone: +1-310-838-7200+1-310-838-7200

He was awarded one of the "Twenty Most Outstanding Filipinos in the United States and Canada" by the prestigious Fil-Am Magazine in Washington, D.C. in 2001. In September 1999, he was also awarded "Who's Who Among Filipino-Americans in California and Nevada" presented by Governor Benjamin Cayetano of Hawaii. In May 2000, he received the "Community Leadership Award"



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Van Dichoso
Date: Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 9:45 AM
Subject: recommendation for Aida
To: Alex

Hi Alex:

To further our discussion with how to get Aida into the U.S. music industry, I have a recommendation for your team.

First, as a friend, I took the liberty to introduce you to two of the music industry's biggest record producers:
1) Ron Alexenburg who as you know founded and signed Michael Jackson, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Abba, Howard Stern, Meatlof, etc. and 

2) Andrew Lane who created Disney's "High School Musical" and produced/managed songs of Miley Cyrus, Tony Braxton, Backstreet Boyz, Julie Andrews, etc.  It was my intention to assist you in your effort to make connections for Aida's road to stardom here in the US.

As a third option and if your team chooses to, I can also offer my own entertainment consulting services along with my other partners and team for a fee.  We can produce and create an exclusive music release party only for Aida. We will invite agents and top executives of major and independent record labels, including the following:
  • MCA
Aida and/or your team can personally meet and greet them.  We have special relationships with top venues where we can hold these private events. Aida will be able to sing a few songs and pass out marketing materials. But the most important value is to be able to meet the agents, representative and executives of record label companies. No one else can provide this opportunity besides my team and rightfully so, a price to pay for.

And just to give you an idea of the pricing...the most recent one we are doing cost our client a total of $9,800, with a deposit. But this is for that particular and customized for that client of ours.

I want to emphasize that I don't usually charge friends and my original intent was to introduce you and help you. I only suggested this option because it seems that the project with Aida is much larger and should be expedited and professionally handled. 

Just giving you many options to help Aida.


Van Dichoso

------------------------- End of email --------------------------- 
   I recommend that you consult with your friend Igor Kondratyk about this. That would be great if he could be at the 1-to-1 Meeting or spend a day with you and Ron Alexenberg. Ron is busy, so if you want to postpone working with him and check out the one day meeting first that would not be a problem. You could meet Ron during one of your off days or arrange with Ron at another time if your USA contract is a short one.

    Ron has a very good deal. Ron and Bert Loob are good people. All three deals are very good. It is a matter of what you are comfortable with, what style you like and how you want to develop.

   However you should add management helpers who have been in business at least 20 years with extensive knowledge of how to develop an Entertainment Character, understands real world business that is not taught in school and works with a network of people who can make things happen in the many concentric circles of business from Studio to Distribution.

   Your On-Stage Personality and Off-Stage personality are two different things. Even top Hollywood actors have coaches much older than them to perfect their skills, Stage Character, make them aware of many things from their years of experience, training, studies and to protect you from evils in the Entertainment Business. Based upon my observance of the Music Business it seems only 30% of it is safe from drug abuse and infidelity. (Some say 15%) Based on music videos of Russia and Ukraine it seems the ratios are worse. 

    I am very proud of you for maintaining Family Values for so long already and even progressing to make stronger statements with your adorable visual presentations. Many people in America will like that. A senior person in the Movie Business said that Family Value movies are far more profitable than all the edgy and noir/dark film genres. Country Music is ever growing to be shoulder to shoulder with the largest Music Genres in the USA, because many Country Folk stand for Family Values, Faith in God and Patriotism which are the roots of America and there is an ever growing large interest for that in the USA, despite the decadence that TV tries to portray.

    I am here to help you have opportunities to a good, safe and great life involved with what you performed so well during X Factor-3 - - American and English Top Pop & Dramatic Hits! You have a wide range of expression and with good coaching, your contemplation and "Experimentium" I believe each flower pedal shall deepen. I am giving you a wide open opportunity to have Your Own Original Songs in the English Language for the rest of your life written and produced by the best people who make hits happen for the English speaking world.

    Bear in mind what Ron Alexenberg said, "No song goes to the top by itself." Small independent efforts will have a hard time which is fine for 24 year old entrepreneurs to give them hands-on-training, but 5 years of delays teach them there are many walls that have been overcome or built by the large companies. As Performers grow in the business they get better and better deals when they have knowledgeable management.

   It is understood that you have a previous obligation to fulfill first. This is one of 3 offers I have for you. You might also like to review these other offers for your next stage

Alexander, an American-Ukrainian that loves both countries